Children Services

North St Marys Childrens Centre is located on the grounds of St Marys North Public School. Our Children’s Centre caters for Preschool, Out Of School Hours Care and Vacation Care services, for children aged 3-12 years. We believe that within our inclusive community, children are competent individuals who learn through play in diverse ways. We work closely with our families and local community to provide a dynamic and holistic curriculum, to meet the interests and needs of all children.

We are now taking bookings for our School Holidays Vacation Care Program.   

Preschool Children Services
Preschool Service

Our preschool service offers an educational curriculum for children aged between 3 – 5 years.  We embed the Early Years Learning Framework into our everyday practices and experiences for spontaneous planned and intentional teaching experiences.

OOSH Children Services
OOSH Service

Out of School Hour Service is provided to children attending St Marys North Public School.  Staff implement My Time, My Place, where children’s voices are used within our daily experiences both spontaneously and planned.  Childcare Benefits may be available to eligible families.

Vacation Children Services
Vacation Care

Vacation Care is a service provided to families looking for a safe and secure environment for their children during the school holidays.  Our program is child interest based, inclusive of incursions and daily planned based educational experiences.  Childcare Benefit may be available to eligible families.

call the Children’s Centre on 9623 0331 to book a place.