About Us

Community Junction was established in 2015 when three independent local organisations, providing similar services, came together to form one larger service.  This enabled a wider range of programs and services to be provided to a larger section of our community.

Community Junction is a local not for profit organisation in Western Sydney providing a range of no or low cost programs and services, which include Children, Youth, Indigenous and Community programs in response to local interests and needs.  From time to time we have been successful in securing  additional funding to provide a specific program, such as Links to Learning and Aboriginal Leadership Program, however this type of funding is not ongoing.  

The organisation is governed by a group of dedicated members of the community who form part of our Management Committee

We also provide Information and Referral to other services.  Residents can access  computers, photocopier and fax machines. Our Community Library has a large collection of pre loved books, that community members can take, swap or donate. 

There is also an opportunity for local community members to became involved through the Volunteer Program.


Our mission and Values

Community Junction is a place where we value people’s contribution, strengths and interests.

We are passionate about being inclusive, accessible and supportive of our community.

We stand for the following set of principles and beliefs about our practice;

Inclusive, Passionate, Adaptable, Proud, Culturally Respectful, Place to Belong